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Gold Coast Fishing Report –June 8th

Gold Coast Fishing Report –June 8th

After last Saturday (June 1st) – the slowest day fishing I have ever had on the Gold Coast I convinced my fishing buddy Iain Burnell to run out to the 36’s -or further in the vain hopes we would go where the fish where.

It was a beautiful day and while we didn’t catch any trophies we certainly caught a variety and for spice we lucked into a floating log where we got into a little action with a Feisty Kingfish and a little Dolphin Fish (there were huge ones there –just not interested on our live bait). Luckily we were fishing for a neighborhood fish fry and the variety pack worked out well!

  1. 3 Finger Mark or large Moses Perch


& Non eaters…


  1. A couple Blue Mackerel
  2. 2 red fish that I would call a small mouthed Nannygai