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Going to the Partner Conference!

I just found out i am going to the Australian Partner Conference  -yeah!

I will be doing one of the Mix sessions titled: “New Technologies, New Platforms, New Experiences, New Opportunities”  So if you are a partner, attending the event and would like to catch up drop me a line!


New Technologies, New Platforms, New Experiences, New Opportunities”

Learn about the new technologies surrounding Windows Live and Windows Vista and the opportunities that they present for ISVS.


Plain old HTML experience is no longer good enough for your most frequent (and most valuable) users—AJAX is setting new standards for responsiveness and usability, visitors are expecting increasingly-sophisticated customization and personalization options, and rich media integration is unlocking new revenue streams. But building these richer sites can be difficult and expensive. This session explores how technologies like IE7, “Atlas” (Microsoft’s new AJAX framework), Windows Live!, the Windows Presentation Foundation and InfoCard can take your browser-based content and commerce experiences to another level and increase earnings, while minimizing development and maintenance costs