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Content by Charles Sterling

One Click Deployment Under Windows Vista

Visual Studio 2005 One Click deployment doesn’t seem to get along gets along with Windows Vista IIS 7.0.   Since I love demoing this One Click I decided to see what it take to get something demo-able under Windows Vista. –Turns out it is a piece of cake!

1.       Create a file share on your hard drive – that you have full permissions to (not the default) ie \\computername\fileshare

2.        Create a Windows or WinFX application (yep Windows Presentation Foundation Apps work great with One Click)

3.       In the Solution Explorer right click on the project and choose “publish”

4.       In the first step use the file share created in step 1.  Ie  \\computername\fileshare

5.       Hitting “Next” the Publish Wizard will already be populated with  \\computername\fileshare for the UNC path then just hitting next twice more and Viola a web page appears with your old friend the “Install Page” called Publish.htm.


Note: I will go back and spend more time on IIS 7.0 as there  probably is an answer there too – just haven’t spent enough time to find it!