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Rod Placement and Color Selection (Offshore Fishing)

I mentioned yesterday I typically have 4 rods out, which begs the question of how do you run this many lines without getting tangled and which lures and colors do  you put where.  

First of all  setting the lures, as common sense would suggest. You put out the lures that are going further out first.   Unlike beach fishing or even most bait fishing “further out” doesn’t equate to a long ways….Unless I am trolling REALLY fast (for wahoo) my furthest lure is only around 150 feet out.  The reason for using more line when trolling faster than 12mph is to keep the lure in the water rather than bouncing on top of it.    

Now the question of which lures do you put  further out  which one closer comes up. Counter intuitively the smaller lures should go further from the boat and the larger lures closer.    I am not certain the reason but hours of running different patterns supports this  age old truism…I am guessing the larger the fish the more aggressive predator and might actually see the boat as additional bait (teaser) or competition  and these lures closest to the boat would have the most “fleeing” action as they are bouncing in and out of the water….  So how close is close?  Well you want the first lure to sit on the first pressure wave (wake) created by the boat and this might be as little as 12 feet – and let me tell you having a 13 foot marlin jumping clear of the water attacking your lure while going BACK in to the water -almost  within touching distance can  be pretty scary!  (yes there are cases of these fishing jumping into boats)  

Next is color: the general rule of thumb is the dark colors should be run closer to the boat as it is sitting on the white water made by the prop and light colors run further out.  In my last post I indicated I was running 3 lures

1. Black/Orange

2. Blue/Chrome  

3. Pink  

You should be able to guess that the Black/Orange was right behind the boat the Blue/Chrome was next out and the pink furthest out . 

Where the rods sit in the boat starts to matter  at this point too.  I have invested $200 for a contraption called a “Rocket Launcher” which is a bunch of Rod Holders mounted on what looks like a roll bar from a 4×4 Truck and places some of the rods you are fishing  with above you  or pointing perpendicular to the boat.  So in the scenario yesterday I had the Orange black on an inner the starboard rod holder on the transom the blue/chrome on the port side and the pink lure in the rocket launcher way above the other lines……

Maybe next time I will go through rod/reels