Vista Training in June

I know i have blogged about this before but we now have a registration site, a fixed agenda and places you can 


Innovation 2006 Day is a full day dedicated training covering Windows Vista and Office 2007. With Seperate Tracks for both IT Pros and Developers


·         Canberra – Friday 9th June Chifley Hotel

·         Melbourne – Wednesday 14th June Crown

·         Sydney – Friday 16th June Hilton


We will also be presenting the first vista session titled "Vista Fundamentals" at the local user groups (if they wanted).  Below please find a list of the user groups that have requested we do this:  


  1. New Castle User Group 7/6/2006                                                                       

  2. Canberra .NET User Group 15/6/2006 12:00 and 16:30                                         

  3. Wollongong User Group 14/6/2006                                                                     

  4. Ballarat User Group 17/6/2006

  5. Perth User Group 28/6/2006                                                                              

  6. VDNUG 27/6/2006                                                                                

  7. Sydney .NET User Group 21/6/2006 18:00                                                          

  8. Hobart .NET User Group 27/6/2006 18:30                                                           

  9. Rockyhampton w/ Data#3 3/7/200

  10. Townsville w/ Data#34/7/2006

  11. SDNUG 6/7/2006                                                                                  

  12. Brisbane w/ Data#3 7/7/2006

  13. Cairns .NET UG 5/7/2006 18:00                                                           

  14.  Adelaide UG 13/7/2006                                                                          

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  1. The dust has settled on the Security Summit just as the next set of major events for the Australian developer…

  2. One lesser appeciated element of Tech

    Talk Blogs is the guest blogger section.


    kicked it off…

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