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Winner "Find that Feature in Office 2007" and Round II

The winner of “Find that Feature in Office 2007” is Volkan Elveren of Germany!

His answers were:

1) How do you access the format painter in Word 2007?

  • a) When you select text in Word 12, the MiniBar appears “ghosted” above the text you selected.

  • b) On the ribbon, in the Write tab click on Format Painter.


2) How do access the advanced find in Outlook 2007?

  • Use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F

(Let’s hope we fix this!!)

For the next round lets take a look at my favorite feature in Outlook -The RSS Reader

  1. How do you read RSS Feeds in Outlook 12

  2. How do you mark in all the RSS feeds as being Read from all your Feeds as “Being Read”