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Content by Charles Sterling

Creating the XBox 360 Platform by one of the Redmond XBox Developers (Brisbane Only)

We are lucky enough to have Dr Jens Troeger, one of the Xbox Developers in Town and he is presenting on the exciting new Xbox 360 gaming platform!  This presenation will be at the Garden Point Campus at QUT Friday 28th April, 3-4pm in room 410 of ‘S’ Block.

The XBox 360 is Microsoft’s new generation game console, and an active competitor to Sony’s Playstation.  However, whereas Sony keeps announcing their PS3, promising a huge performance improvement on almost all different areas of computation, Microsoft delivered the new XBox 360 by the end of last year with an equally impressive performance.  In addition to an interesting gaming experience, the XBox 360 also serves as an entertainment centre, and a gateway to an entire online community: XBox Live.  In this talk Dr Jens Troeger will introduce some of the new features of the XBox , talk about its architecture, and his experience working as a developer in the XBox division for the past 1.5 years.