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Content by Charles Sterling

Charles Sturt Graduation Ceremony (with a Joke)

Last Friday i spoke at the Charles Sturt computer science graduation ceremonies and have to admit i was very honored and a little nervous about speaking at such a prestigious ceremony mostly because i

 had no idea what i talk about since most of my presentations are just long demo’s.   So i asked an good friend and an alumni from this school, Roger Lawrence, what i should do and he indicated since i was near the end of the ceremony almost anything would do as long as it was (very) short and kept light hearted…so i decided to tell a joke! 

The joke goes something like this:

A boy is graduating top of his class and his father is very proud of him, as a result he offers to take the boy to the nicest restaurant in town and let him try something he has never had before.  The waiter comes to take their order at which point the father orders escargot prepared in Cordon Bleu style at which point the waiter then looks at the boy who indicated he wanted a Cheeseburger and Fries!  The Father confused by this asks the boy – “I thought you where going to try something you have never tried before”

The boy replies “I have never had a $25 cheeseburger before”<g>

In either case big Thanks to Martin, Arfan and Jeff our MCT in this class for making me feel welcome