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Thanks for the get well calls and an apology to Cairns?

I must admit i am always surprised when somebody mentions reading my blog and was particularly shocked from all the “get well” calls after i posting i had contracted Ross River Fever and it also looks like i may have blamed my Cairns friends for no good reason….According to the ABC there are more cases of Ross River in the Gold Coast this year than in Northern Queensland

I must admit my favorite call was from long time Friend Troy who mentioned he had just read about a cure….all i needed to do was “Grab an electric Fence” – but what do you expect from a guy getting married and looking forward to it?<g>

Frank Robson followed the course of RRV, or epidemic polyarthritis [ RRV attacks the cells of joint tissue ], in a number of patients in the article. He says that a follow up of 821 subjects affected in South Australia in 1992-93 showed that 51 percent still had joint pain after 15 months. At 30 months, pain and other symptoms, including headaches, depression and loss of libido remained common. He records that in do-it-yourself Australia, a popular theory suggests that the best way to ” drive out ” the virus is to grab an electric fence and hang on.