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Content by Charles Sterling

Team System Foundation Server Releases!

Friday Morning the Team System team released Foundation Server.  If you are interested in seeing what this product is or meeting the man that made it happen.  Jeff Beehler will be touring some of the User Groups around Australia (Schedule below)

Canberra CBRDEV March 21st Tuesday 12:00am at the Microsoft Office

Sydney SDNUG March 22 Wednesday 6:00pm at 50 Bridge Street

Melbourne VSTSUG March 23 Thursday 6:00pm CITC Building

Brisbane QMSDNUG March 28th Tuesday 6:00pm Microsoft Office

Gold Coast GCDOTNET April 4th Tuesday 6:00pm Bond University

I  have it on good authority that the evaluation bits are on MSDN Subscriber Downloads – unfortunately there appears to be a problem with MSDN downloads right now so i can not verify this.