Error 53 Access Denied when using Ximage /apply

I have just spent 6 hours building a new Team Foundation Server Computer and would like to be able to restore this computer I decided to use my old friend Ximage to capture an Image then apply it to another drive...

The capture went no problem and i also learned to my pleasant surprise Ximage does not require the older version of the .NET Framework only SetupMgr.exe of WAIK does - so I could run it from a computer with Visual Studio 2005!   Unfortunately i was recieving error Access denied errors on "System Volume Information" -even deleting the partition didn't help. What i found was formating the Partition as Fat32 eliminating having the NTFS "System Volume INformation" directory and allowed me to kick off the /apply. 

Once the /apply finishes i will run convert on it and turn it back into a NTFS volume.



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  1. Yesterday at QUT i dropped my “every day hard drive” in the elevator while swapping with my Team Foundation…

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