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Code Camp Main Agenda is Full! Now Adding an "Introductory Track"

Mitch and Greg have done an incredible job and have already managed to fill the entire code camp agenda!

Since there were so many great topics still coming and something Greg Low really wanted to do was have a beginning/introductory track running at the same time and I have offered to schedule these “introductory” sessions. (see below)

So far I have had 5 submissions – if there is something you want to see or present please send email to: speakers@codecampoz.com

The plan is to close the submissions for this track end of week next week.



  1. An Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

 This introductory session will start with an Overview of Windows Vista and show how Windows Vista is fundamentally different from earlier versions of Windows, Windows Vista introduces development advances that help developers create next-generation applications that take full advantage of Windows Vista, including:

·        WinFX: A managed-code programming model

·        Windows Presentation Foundation: The Microsoft unified presentation subsystem for Windows

·        Windows Workflow Foundation

·        Windows Communication Foundation: The next-generation Web services technology by Microsoft

The session will pay particular attention to a technology called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). WPF introduces significant changes such as being able to take advantage your video card’s power and  being able to be written in a simple XML based mark up language called XAML.  Charles Sterling will walk through the this new runtime, the mark up language XAML and the new development paradigms being introduce like coding into panels that can automatically flow your controls, animations and even video demo’s will be done from both Visual Studio 2005 and Sparkle


Title:           How to create a DNN site.

Speaker:     Philip Beadle

Level:         100


Need to create Portal and do not know where to start? Wondering how to get started with .Net Nuke? Want an extensible Web Framework?  Then this session is for you Philip Beadle will walk you through how to get started with DNN, how to create custom portals and how to skin them – This intro session is NOT to be missed!”



Title:           How to start a User Group

Speaker:     Greg Low, Charles Sterling Philip Beadle, Andrew Coates et al

Level          100


Want to start a local user group and don’t know where to start – come to this session to find out!  Topics covered will be getting your user group web site up and running (Philip Beadle), how to get your web site listed in the MSDN Flash and on the Microsoft Web Site, what is Ineta and what can it do for you.

  1. WinFS Discussion with Chris Hewitt

Specifically the implications and an introduction to coding: custom schemas (==adding your own metadata), storage watchers, queries and synchronization. Chris may be able to get some collateral (CTPs etc.) from his buddies in Redmond.



  1. Introduction to Team System by Anthony Borton
  2. Introduction to Windows Work Flow Foundation by Rai Umair
  3. Introduction to LINQ by Mitch Denny
  4. Introduction to Visual Fox Pro by Andrew Coates
  5. Getting Started with Virtual Earth by Andrw Coates
  6. Introduction to ASP.NET Web Parts by Darren Niemke (Or Introduction to Windows Vista Fundamentals)
  7. Introduction to VSTO by Peter Stanski
  8. Introduction to Atlas by Paul Glavich
  9. Introduction to Migrating to SQL 2005 by Geoff Orr (or Why move?)
  10. Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation by ?? and Geoff  Appleby
  11. Introduction to Mobile Development by James McCutcheon
  12. Introduction to Source Control Part I – What, Why, Concepts / Workflows by Tatham Oddie 
  13. Introduction to Source Control Part II – Which, Getting Started by Tatham Oddie