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James Cook University Cairns Sets the standard for working with Community

Last weekend the Cairns User Group ran a Hands On Lab with the support of James Cook University Cairns and wow did James Cook University raise the bar on how much a University could help a local user group. They started by letting us their brand new computer labs (we were the first people to use these computers!), opening up their lunch rooms and finally the JCU IT professors spent their own time installing Virtual PC and copy the lab VPC to the 30 computers in the lab…

The community did recognize this huge effort too:  We had 30 people register and 34!!! show up.  This did double up 4 computers but this turned out to be a good thing for some of the folks new to .NET

Huge thanks to all the folks that made this possible!

The JCU IT Professors  

  1. Chris Gaskett
  2. Phillip Musumeci
  3. Colin Lemmon
  4. Carrie Lui


-& the Cairns User Group Members namely Mike Stoodley & John Hampson








PS If you are interested in doing these labs I have included their links below



ASP.NET 2.0 Virtual Labs

 Data Hand-On Labs Manuals