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Bike to Code Camp (Brisbane to Wagga)

Are there any other bikers looking to do a road trip to Code Camp?

If so post a comment and i will add you to the Motor Cycle Code Camp road trip blog role (or drop me a line at chass@microsoft.com)


PS i might not be able to do this if Code Camp New Zealand and Code Camp Australia fall on the same weekend as i will probably be doing both

PPS when i say “bike” I am refering to something like the speeding ticket collector i ride: ie a YZF 1000


One of the folks on the list had some questions(Shea on the Gold Coast with a very nice 96 GSXR600):

  1. Will we be travelling at speed limits? (I understand the legality of that question, but reality is always different =D)

  2. Any ideas on travel time? (I suppose that depends on 1.)

  3. Initial travel route/stops.


  1. Traveling Speed: I will be traveling “Reasonable Highway Speeds”. Rarely does this exceed 120KPH and in bad weather is A LOT slower.  IE: I will NOT be treating this like 140+ blast up Tambourine Mtn as I am NOT looking to further subsidize the Australian law enforcement services

  2. Travel Time: The guys that drove it last year by car indicated it was 14 hours road time and that is the number i was working around

  3.  Initial travel route/stops. i was thinking start late afternoon Thursday and spend the night at some backpackers like around Dinmore and get a relaxed start Friday and take several stops to arrive Friday PM where to stay with David Lemphers at http://www.macleaystreetapartments.com (and do some serious drinking as i will be SORE) – Hadn’t even thought about the return trip yet!