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Jeff Beehler to Visit Australia March!!! (TFS LPM)

Long time friend Jeff Beehler and Lead Program Manager in charge of Team Foundation Server will be visiting Austratlia to celebrate the launch of TFS!

I am currently accepting requests for having him do customer visits, user groups etc

His current schedule is Tentatively:

21-Mar-06 Canberra

8:00 AM  Fly to Canberra 08:10  QF787 
10:00 AM Customer Meeting #1 -ATO?
12:00 AM Lunch Presentation at MS Office
2:00 PM  Customer Meeting #2 -Austrade?
3:30 PM  Customer Meeting #3 -DEST?
5:00 PM 17:00  Fly to Sydney  QF562 

22-Mar-06 Sydney

8:00 AM  Customer Meeting #1
10:00 AM Customer Meeting #2
12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM  Customer Meeting #3
4:00 PM  Customer Meeting #4
6:00 PM  SDNUG

23-Mar-06 Melbourne

8:00 AM Fly to Melbourne 08:30  QF417 
12:00 PM Customer Meeting #1
2:00 PM  Customer Meeting #2
4:00 PM  Customer Meeting #3
9:00 PM  Fly back to Sydney  21:00 QF494

April 4th Gold Coast User Group  


Team Foundation Server Overview:


With the *very recent release of Team Foundation Server we have managed to bring in the Program Manager that was in charge of shipping this product-Jeff Beehler.  Jeff’s hour long presentation will cover the features that make Team Foundation Server unique in the industry for doing team development such as its integrated version control, work Items/lists, collaboration, notifications, reporting and an automated build process and answer any questions you may have our latest server.  


Jeff Beehler:

I’ve been the Lead Program Manager for VSTS for the past 2 ½ years. In this role, I coordinate the release activities for all of Team System including our upcoming release of Team Foundation Server. As a result I’m involved with each of the teams shipping VSTS, but most directly the team building the Team Foundation since this is the integration point for all of Team System. It’s exciting to see the excitement VSTS is generating both within Microsoft as well as the .NET development community. Before working on VSTS, I was a founding member of the Visual C++ team way back in the early 90’s (and even QuickC for Windows before that). I took some time off between working on VC++ and VSTS (a little over 7 years) to start a family, consult with ISVs on how to ship software, work for an Internet start up and teach 6th grade. I returned to Microsoft because I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be on the team that helped expand Visual Studio beyond ‘just’ writing code. It’s been a great experience.

Questions For Jeff:

1. I’m particularly interested in self hosting stories from the team.