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Content by Charles Sterling

Ximage Success!


Per my last Ximage post i was going to sysprep the OS and create a new Image…Unfortunately it didn’t go well at all.

  1. I sysprepped the OS on the partition i wanted to replicate (Sysprep /Reseal)
  2. Booted a drive that could run Ximage
  3. Created an image of the partition that had just been syprepped (replacing the old one) and applied that image to a new drive 
  4. Booting from this drive started an instance of Windows asked my name etc (looking good so far)
  5. About 3 of these questions in the computer simply reboots (no warning, nothing)
  6. Going back to the original hard drive i had created the Image from gave me the same behaviour -ARGHHHH
  7. Sysprep and munched the Windows install!!!!!

So I was left the joy reinstalling Windows, IIS, SQL, Sharepoint, TFS, Office, VSTS (6 hours), changing the Userinit Reg setting and Finally and creating a new image (~2 hours)

But this time the image worked AND Windows Booted- No Unattended XML, No Sysprep just changing the Userinit Reg setting -yeah!!!

I have now done a Windows XP and Windows Server Machine with the only issues being i didn’t partition the drives so the drive letters do not agree so several applications are unhappy – I am hoping booting mounting the drive from another computer and reassigning the original drive letters will help.