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Content by Charles Sterling

My first Ximage image -almost…

I am so close with my Ximage partitions working i can taste it!

  1. I got the WAIK installed onto a computer that didn’t have VS 2005
  2. Ran Ximage.exe /capture g: c:\tfs.wim “TFS Image” (g: is a bootable drive system volume)
  3. Two hours later i had my working TFS image
  4. Ran ximage.exe /apply c:\tfs.wim d: 1
  5. Recieved error “access denied”
  6. Formatted d:
  7. Ran ximage.exe /apply c:\tfs.wim d: 1
  8. Still Recieved error “access denied”
  9. Deleted and created a new partition where d: was
  10. Ran ximage.exe /apply c:\tfs.wim d: 1
  11. Success!!
  12. Rebooted
  13. Error missing NTLDR
  14. Mounted the drive and corrected the boot.ini partition information
  15. Rebooted
  16. !!!!!!!WINDOWS BOOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Yeah!
  17. Logged in and Windows immediately logged me back out – DOH! (Didn’t figure WPA applied to “ME”)
  18. Yes i know the documentation said i had to create an Unattended.xml file like the one below but i wanted the same user name etc
  19. Oh well back to step two

(2 hours later)

Looks like i don’t have to create an unattended.xml,  The directions only have you sysprep /reseal the drive and now I am creating a new image.

In either case, it looks like my original issue was:

Unable to log on if the boot partition drive letter has changed

-After new image has been created, applied and i try to logon i will check to see if that may have been the initial issue.


<unattend xmlns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3″>
    <component name=”setup”>
        <FullName>Servants of Chuck</FullName>
        <Organization>Sterling Land</Organization>
          <InstallTo DiskID=”0″ PartitionID=”1″ />