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28002 Error Unknown with Team Foundation Server while installing SP1

I was just chatting with Dave Glover and he mentioned he had just finished upgrading our Team TFS Server to SP1.  Unfortunatley his first attempt failed the error: “28002 Error Unknown” –of course naughty ole Dave hadn’t read my post about Backing up the server before applying SP1!  Luckily he found the answer to the problem pretty quickly: The work around is to… Read more

Getting Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express running on Vista

After the Xbox team visited i have been dying to try out Microsoft XNA…Unfortunately i don’t have an XP computer and XNA doesn’t run on Windows Vista- Or does it? So i downloaded C# Express and Microsoft XNA and tried the installs – not surprisingly the C# install went fine but the Micrsosoft XNA one failed. … Read more

Visual Studio SP1 Release (w/ Performance improvements for Team Foundation Server)

I have been working with a couple of folks on Team Foundation Server and just wanted to let them know we just released Service Pack 1 for Team Foundation Server and the rest of the Visual Studio versions Friday evening.   In addition to the description below the Team Foundation development team did a lot of… Read more

TFPT Error: Unable to determine the workspace

When invoking TFPT you might get one of the errors:   Unable to determine the workspace Unable to determine the source control server   To get around this try invoking tfpt from within a directory that is already mapped to Team Foundation source control.  If that doens’t do it your local workspace cache may need… Read more

The dates for PDC07 have just been announced

  PDC  is the biggest developer event that Microsoft holds. Its on once every two years and is usually where all the big announcments are made and lots of cool technology gets shown for the first time. Its back again in 2007 in Las Angeles on October 5-7. …I will have to beg Frank to let… Read more

Darwin Windows Vista Developer Session Invitation

We invite you to attend a briefing on the Office 2007 & Windows Vista Developer Vision which will examine how Windows Vista and Microsoft Office enables developers to create engaging, visually stunning user interfaces that makes applications more usable and productive. See how you can use managed and native technologies including Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML,… Read more

Web 2.0 Where is it?

Just read David Lemphers blog: Urghh!! It’s not Web 2.0! It’s Marketing List Nxt! I agree that most of the Sites labeled Web 2.0  are not exactly mind altering and most cases a couple of smart guys could bootstrap a “Me Too” working copy of them in a month ( see Web 2.0 apps in Australia ) I also… Read more

Team Foundation Questions

I was at a customer site yesterday and they raised a couple of questions i thought people would be interested in:   Q. What is the recommended h/w architecture required to drive their needs: A. Please see the following site for guidance on Team Foundation Server Capacity Planning Q. Need to understand how they can schedule… Read more