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Content by Charles Sterling

Member of the WinFx team visiting Australia

Craig McMurtry will be coming out in Feburary to deliver some WCF (Indigo)  training and for the upcoming patterns & practices Summit  February 21-23 at the Hilton Sydney.

I have some some free spots in his calendar please contact me if interested in having him come out and visit your company to get them started using WCF…. 

Craig’s Schedule:

    1. Feb 13-17th WCF ISV training North Ryde

    2. Feb 15 Sydney User Group Presentation?

    3. Feb 18 Community Hands On Lab (See http://msevents-as.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=120466486&Culture=en-AU for agenda)

    4. Feb 19 Free Day 

    5. Feb 20 Sydney Customer Meetings (unscheduled at this time)

    6. Feb 20 Late –fly to Brisbane, stay with Chuck (no Hotel needed)

    7. OGICT Architect’s Workshop –Brisbane

    8. Feb 21 Brisbane Customer Meetings

    9. Feb 21 6:00pm QLD User Group

    10. Feb 22nd fly to Sydney QF501 5:00am arrive Sydney 7:30      

    11. Feb 22 8:30 am Sydney P&P Summit

    12. Feb 22nd 2 hours for Macquarie Bank 

    13. Feb 6:00 pm 22nd Sydney SDNUG

    14. Feb 23 Lunch Christchurch UG New Zealand

    15. Feb 23 Evening – Wellington UG New Zealand

    16. Feb 24 Auckland Customer meetings

    17. Feb 24 Evening Auckland UG 

Craig McMurtry is a member of the Windows and Platform evangelism group at Microsoft focusing on the technical enablement of the developer technologies in Windows Vista and WinFX.   In WinFX Craig tends to specialize on the Windows Communication Foundation (code named Indigo) a topic on which he as done numerous presentations, training and lectures.  Before joining Microsoft, he designed customers’ solutions for IBM Global Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Services.  Craig has a Ph.D. from McMaster University in Canada, and is a co-author of the forthcoming book, “Windows Communication Foundation: Hands On!”

Here is the teaser for his general WinFX/Future of Connected Systems Presentation:

 The Windows Communication Foundation, the Windows Presentation Foundation, and the Windows Workflow Foundation … they are all exciting technologies for a whole bunch of separate reasons.  However, what is really interesting about them is how three technology teams, working independently, converged on a common approach to providing new infrastructures for software communication, user interface design, and the process orchestration.  It is that common approach that represents the real step forward for the software development industry.  What is that watershed exactly, and how will affect the way you build software?

Feb 18th we are tentatively planning a community training day below is the a strawman agenda.  If you are interested in attending please email Chass@microsoft.com

Start Time Topic Duration
10:00 Introducing the Windows Communication Foundation 1
11:00 Introductory Lab 1
12:00 Details of Windows Communication Foundation Programming Model 1
1:00 Data Representation and Serialization Lab (Working Lunch) 1
2:00 Security, Reliability Consistency and High-Availability 1
3:00 Manageability 1
4:00 Advanced HOL 1
Total Time   7