Free WinFX/WCF Hands On raining Feb 18th (Sydney Only)

Based on feedback looks like folks are interested in some training and the 18th is the preferred day with the length duration most of day (late start early finish) Now i just need to see if we have access to the labs and if Craig minds giving up his Saturday. Please find below a strawman agenda…


Sydney Only – Free WCF Training during the weekend of Feb 18 or 19?

  One of the members of the WinFX WCF team is coming out to teach a dedicated ISV class best practices for using WCF. . I am already planning on having him at the two user Sydney user groups (+QLD) but had a request to the training he is coming out for (which unfortunately is…


Zero Touch" or "HREF to EXE" apps broken by FX 2.0

Keeping to my mantra of Forewarned is Forearmed: During the last two years i have demonstrating how to do “ClickOnce” applications with the .NET Framework 1.1.  These applications were referred to as “Zero Touch” or “HREF to EXE” where security was typically accomplished through CAS and code signing , unfortunately i just found out  this week that many…


Member of the WinFx team visiting Australia

Craig McMurtry will be coming out in Feburary to deliver some WCF (Indigo)  training and for the upcoming patterns & practices Summit  February 21-23 at the Hilton Sydney. I have some some free spots in his calendar please contact me if interested in having him come out and visit your company to get them started using WCF…. …


When/where is TechEd Australia this year?

Last night I was at Greg Low’s for a BBQ and had a couple people ask me when and where TechEd is this year: TechEd 2006 will be in Sydney from 23-25th August.  Hope to see you there ( I am planning on doing an WPF (Avalon) presentation) Chuck  


Replacing Disk 3 DVD from the Ready Launch Tour

I have had several folks complain about faulty Disk 3’s from the Ready Launch Tour. If you fall into this group you can order a replacement from: Sorry about the inconvenience Chuck