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SA SQL Usergroup WebCast Summary – The audio gremlins aren’t dead -yet!

For those of you who missed the presentation I just added the link for downloading the web cast on demand so you can still see went on: for those of you that were on it we heard the audio was typically much better -except for the disconnects every 10 minutes!!!

Turns out when we dial a number directly (see Rob’s Blog for details) for what ever reason the Live Meeting Server does hear the Audio and gives a warning about extended silence…i turned this warning to “Never” occur and the Live Meeting decided to disconnect the call every 10 minutes-sigh.  Turning this warning to 5 minutes allowed us to get around these disconnects (unfortunatley not until after the first 5 disonnects!).  A couple mentioned a bad signal but listening to it myself i am guess this is predominately due to their VOIP sessions


(no Recording Key needed)