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Visual Studio 2005 Launch trip report

Well i just finished the first three cities and thought i jot down how they went…


The next city is Darwin Nov 15, -hope to see you there!







Cairns Community Launch Wednesday Nov 2nd

The Cairns user group is planning on doing a full day VS event in Feb so for this event they just had me focused on just the TFS & SQL integration portions of the launch content.   As always mike.stoodley@utamic.com.au & the Cairns group had a great showing of 30 people unfortunately the room we had planned to use was double booked so we had to meet in the bar downstairs – this worked okay until the Bikini ladies arrived selling tickets for charity and one of the user group members kept disrupting the presentation by buying tickets every time the ladies came by (and after buying all those tickets I still didn’t win anything!!!!).  –On the upside the venue felt so bad about the mixup they covered the bar tab. 


The professor at JCU Chris Gaskett [cgaskett@it.jcu.edu.au] mentioned the merging demo really doesn’t reflect what people would/should do in the real world.  If there are conflicts on the checkin it makes more sense to merge in a local workspace to see if you are going to break the build etc before committing your checkin. – this makes sense to me and I need to check with Buck on the VSTS team to verify why we are demoing it this way .



I checked with Buck and he agree’s and also indicates the way to do this -Rather than File>Source Control>Open Project he recomends doing a Source Control Explorer> Get latest; which DOES allow you to do a merge in your local work space and building, and running your tests before is a solid practice.

I also asked him about mergiing shelf sets and came back with


In v1, you can’t unshelve a change to foo.cs if you already have a pending change on foo.cs in your workspace.  However, the tfpt.exe power toy provides an unshelve command that will do that and allow you to resolve the conflicts.  The power toy is in the October VS SDK.”

 Townsville Business Launch with ACS Thursday Nov 3rd

This was a really good event…had about 26 of the key technology decision makers (including two local MCT’s) from across several different business segments come in to see what the new Visual Studio was all about and I delivered a presentation on how VS is integrating all the different application life cycle roles in 2005. – Starting with BA then project manager, then Architect into some DBA work then developer and finally tester.  The presentation may have been a little too technical for some of the audience but overall very well received.  –Bevin Irvine [bevin.irvine@morleys.net.au]and Stuart McDonald [Stuart.McDonald@volante.com.au]) really did a great job in organizing my visit


Mackay Business Launch with Mackay IT Forum Nov 4th

Awesome event, we had over 50 people almost all of them BDM’s to high level TDM’s – very few of them had ever heard of Visual Studio so my host Geoff Fleming [G.Fleming@mkysugar.com.au] asked me to do a business focused roadmap…oops!  What we compromised on how Web Services is changing computing/business and how Microsoft is delivering on that Web Services World (ie a .NET presentation) since this was a Visual Studio 2005 launch to me I did everything from an application model (and talked about MDD), showed no code data binding in ASP.NET (to a web service object), clickonce deployment and had a kid from the 9th grade that wanted be a developer to do all my demo’s.  –According the audience this was the largest IT event they have done in 2 years and the content was spot on target to the audience. –Many of the members stuck around to midnight just to meet me (or take advantage of the open bar).  –I must admit I was pretty flattered when they showed me the Mackay Mercury that I was featured in. 

-Not bad for $245 to sponsor an entire table for the sit down formal/semi formal dinner (Yes most of the guests had full suit and ties!)