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What does a Developer Evangelist do?

A lot of people ask me “What does a developer Evangelist do”: my stock answer is an accurate but not very helpful “Raise developers satisfaction and perception of Microsoft”  So for my first blog entry i am including a trip report of my first .NET tour with good friend Tony Goodhew. Hopefully this will illustrate a typical developer evangelist’s day at Microsoft…  

12:00 We start the day with the local MS Japan folks for sushi. Tony Goodhew being the intrepid adventurer is popping them in his mouth as fast as they are being served -the raw urchin gonads did however get an interesting facial expression which made me ask what they where and only had a tiny morsel -to test the waters. (I didn’t particularly care for them).

2:30 I start off the presentation – admittedly a bit rough. Thankfully Tony was able to type notes out while the translator was working and I was able to hit my stride…

3:00 Only on Slide 3 – it becomes painfully clear we have WAY too much content for these meetings….

3:30 Tony has begun coughing and sneezing

4:30 I am getting close to finishing(we spent long time on “no touch deployment” as there where LOTs of questions) . Tony’s coughing is now changing the color of his face to interesting shades of red and pink….

5:00 After a break and some ice water Tony is able to breathe again and goes thru his presentation. The demo of creating a web service and using the web service from a different project goes very very well – just not certain they understood all of what was going on….

-Without a doubt Tony did a Heroic Job here….

6:00 Taxi is late and takes a long time to drop us off at a pharmacy near the hotel (Tony’s gasping and wheezing hitting epic proportions now)

7:30 At the pharmacy we pantomime sneezing and coughing and needing something to clear Tony’s chest (allergic reaction to something?)- They sell us some pills and a small squeeze bottle of what appeared to be starting fluid -Me: always being the helpful I make the statement “you know all Japanese medications are suppositories”….we part with the plans of meeting in the lobby for dinner.

8:00 Tony has gone from red/pink to green/gray indicates he isn’t hungry asserting the vial of “Nasal Spray” just hurt the situation…and unclear what affect the pills had but it sure as hell wasn’t helpful….

8:15 Tony staggers out to go back to bed (leaving his Jack and coke untouched!!)

8:30 I finish the best steak I have EVER had and do same.

12:00 Tony wakes to find himself in respiratory distress and his breathing more intermittent than comfortable and decides to have the hotel take him to the hospital

2:00 After an intimate lesson with a Bronchial expander and some antihistamines they use on the local water buffalo they decide Tony will probably survive and present the bill -as CASH ONLY.

2:10 Tony explains to them Godzilla was actually Australian and would revisit Japan if they didn’t fix this, at which point they agreed to put it on the room bill…All the while I am still asleep.

4:00 I awake to what I think is another earthquake(yes there was one the night before) only to discover it is actually my stomach in reverse peristaltic waves…turns out the fauna on my steak didn’t like their new home.

5:00 After brushing my teeth a couple of times to remove the film it is clear that I am not going back to sleep and watch Sumo wrestling for the next 3 hours.

8:00 My turn at the pharmacy and i get to pantomime my stomach hurts. They sell me what appears to be the same box of pills and a package of shredded herbs…the taste of the herbs helps clear out most the remaining fluids in my digestive tract.

8:15 Trying the pills next I have far better luck and am able to go to sleep

12:00 We meet for “breakfast” Tony with Coffee and me 7-up.

Next 12 hours were a recuperative coma……