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WebCasts Update #2 – Audio Gremlins vanquished


From my first Usergroup webcast attempt I have organized three more Webcasts through WWEvents/Livemeeting and by accident determined much of the phone noise was being caused by the MCI phone bridge not Live meeting.

I also found out that WWEvents stops accepting registrants if you list the event as a “Live Web Cast”- so i will create all the rest as “On Demand”

Please find below the status of the last three meeting we have done and the findings.


  1. Anthony Borton TFS talk QLD– About 20 people tried to watch but the phone noise was so horrible the audio convinced all of them to drop off before the end

  2. Itzik Ben, TSQL talk Vic – Since this event was being run as the EXACT same time as the one above and I only had three hours to put it together I did not use the phone bridge and it sounded beautifully! – Unfortunately Itzik was not familiar with Live Meeting did not share either his desktop nor application his web cast proved to be nothing more than a real time pod cast.

  3. Andrew Coates VSTO talk ACT– used the learning’s from Itzik and had live meeting dial his phone directly and it looked and sounded great!!!!

At this point I am going to send email to the user groups and anybody else (including NZ) and start scheduling all comers.


Have a great weekend and if any of you are in town don’t forget my Halloween Party!





Thanks to Andrew, Anthony and Itzik for being my guinea pigs!