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Content by Charles Sterling

WebCast #1 Summary (and apology)

Saturday @ 11:00am we kicked off our first WWEvents hosted Webcast of the Melbourne User Group in preparation for doing realtime webcasting of all the local launch events, pertinent DPE deliveries and enable the webcasting of all our local user groups going forward


  • The Screen looked good
  • The voice of the speaker was good
  • The overall quality was within ~10% of the professionally shot pieces of PDC etc


  • 15 minutes (11:15 am) the LiveMeeting Server terminated the Webcast due to maintenance!!  Unfortunately this just was after I sent out reminder emails to all 2000+ of our online community –argh!
  • The Webcast started a little shaky due to not having an agreed upon phone strategy for calling into the conference bridge for Internet Broadcast….despite this the Webcast was still ready before the presenters.
  • Anything other than the speaker was lost in white noise due to the fact we were using a mobile phone for the Internet broadcast.
  • The screen redraws were a little slow


I am going to connect with the Live meeting guys and verify this won’t happen again but do want to apologize for all the folks that were cut off when the Live Meeting Server was taken offline.  Despite this the experience definitely appears to be a good solution for any User Group with an broadband connection to connect to it’s rural members who can not make it in and I am looking forward to my second attempt this Tuesday (QLD User Group) with Anthony Borton doing VSTS

(I will also buy a Mobile phone>Microphone adapter to see if that helps alleviate the white noise issues.)

Big thanks to the VDNUG, Peter Holiday, Andrew (for getting the Audio figured out) and Glover for coming in Saturday AM and connecting to the phone bridge!