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Darwin Launch Nov 15th


I have scratched out the abstract for the Nov 15 presentation at CDU below but if you want more information please see:



or email Craig at odnugnt@technicaone.com



The Darwin launch of SQL and Visual Studio 2005 will have Charles Sterling back in town to cover off both of these products in ONE hour!

Charles will start off with Visual Studio Team System (this will be the first time this has been seen in Darwin) and walk through the roles of a typical development lifecycle.   The first role of this scenario based presentation will be that of a business analyst handing a project to a Project Manager then involving the architect who in turn brings in the Developer and DBA and finally finishing with the test team.  The presentation will finish (time providing) with a slide on many of the new features of SQL Server 2005 & having you, the audience, choose which ones are covered in Q&A fashion.


  1. Cairns Nov 2nd << Email mike.stoodley@utamic.com.au 

  2. Townsville Nov 3rd <<Charles Sterling with ACS email bevin.irvine@morleysfunerals.com.au

  3. McKay Nov 4th  <<Charles Sterling with MITN email G.Fleming@mkysugar.com.au

  4. Adelaide 21 Nov 

  5. Rockhampton 24 Nov <<Charles Sterling with Volante

  6. Melbourne 23 Nov

  7. Sydney 29 Nov

  8. Perth 1 Dec

  9. Canberra 5 Dec

  10. Sydney Express Launch with Atomic Magazine 8 Dec << Dave Glover owns

  11. Brisbane 7th Dec

  12. Hobart 12th Dec  <<David Lemphers