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Release Candidate or Beta2?

After a discussion with the folks on the list i thought it might be interesting to jot down when to use Visual Studio Beta 2 (B2) over the Release Candidate (RC)

Why Beta2:

1.      WinFX /Vista tools are synced with this build

2.      Somebody mentioned looming expiry date –Beta 2 won’t expire until May 2006

Why VS RC/TFS Beta3.


  1. Get the release features/experience
  2. Beta3 of TFS will be the only version that will have an upgrade facility to the Beta3 refresh with a go live license or the Release early next calendar year.
  3. Go Live covers Beta2, RC and TFS Beta 3  (thanks for the link Jesse!)



So what am I using?  I have Beta2 with WinFX on my primary computer and VS RC/TFS Beta3 on a VPC (which we should be making publicly available very soon)