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Content by Charles Sterling

Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Vista -SQL Express Failing

If you are installing Visual Studio 2005 and have already gotten around manaully installing MSXML 6 from the \WCU directory beaware you also need to manaully install “SQL Native CLient” to get SQL Express running…(needed for personalization in ASP.NET 2.0)

To do this; attempt to manually install SQL Express from the vs\wcu\SSE\SQLExpr.exe directory.  When this comes fails leave the error upand copy the extracted directory from the root of your hard drive with the name like c:\995d31eb99fegaa2a213fe  (ie a guid for a name) and manually run \setup\SQLNCLI.msi.  After this succeeds either rerun vs\wcu\SSE\SQLExpr.exe or setup from the directory you copied SQLExpress extracted from.