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WinFx my experiences so far…



I installed WinFX on two clean XP computers and a Vista computer the same time 5 days ago.


0. The Vista OS install was a piece of cake and is running fine… the only hiccups being the dodgy video drivers I am using to force aero. http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/archive/2005/09/30/475322.aspx


1. Beta 2.0 of VS 2005 installed fine on all the computers (after manually installing MSXML)


2. WinFX Components installed no problem on all three computers (yes you still need to install this on Vista)


3. *Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WinFX – September CTP didn’t install on ANY of the three computers<sigh>


4. All three computers installed WWF fine.


5. Avalon works on the Vista computer and **one of the XP Computers….pretty certain I had it working on all three computers but either MAX or the Winfx SDK cracked Avalon. (installed to try and get XAMLPad running -which it doesn’t)


So is it stable.?..maybe depending on how define the word<g>

Is it bullet proof? Alas no…





*If anybody got the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WinFX – September CTP running can you create a new Avalon project with a form in VB.NET and send it to me? – I can get C# working in VS 2005 with out the extensions but can not work out the MSBuild for VB.NET.


**After reinstalling the Sept CTP of the WinFX components Now Both my XP machines are working with XAML projects!