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PDC Keynote – my top picks

 I am sure most people are expecting a list of new Windows Vista features but either due to the fact most of the features were covered last year, the speaker seemed to be speaking to consumers or many of the features that excited me most about Vista last year (Indigo and WinFS) were decoupled therefore not covered left me lukewarm.  What did excite me the most about the Keynote was the Office 12 demo – while the demo was still targeting consumers you could still see through the fluff and recognize applications/additions that are being begged to be added.  One of the Office 12 features covered were Galleries that enable you to immediately create flow charts, diagrams etc from a simple list of text – clearly a location for industry specific (diving profiles? electronic schematics? blueprints?  -all from a list of text) 

The other type of application additions that gets opened up is the ability to leverage the RSS feeds that Outlook can now subscribe to.  -Historical graphs for rain fall, fish size (I am a fisherman), water temperature, water visibilty  (I am a scuba diver)