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SQL Server 2005 Database Applications at PDC – our mistake your gain


I must admit when i first started this session…very jet lagged and tired i was wondering if i had gone to the wrong session as i found it initially very DBA & best practices focused but soon realized the session was just as usefull for anybody needing to write Data Access code.  The sections on locking and locking hints was particularly enlightening; while i knew snapshot isolation was being introduced i had not really thought about the ramifications.  I  also really enjoyed the partitioning/caching/availability demo’s Kim did with a bank of USB thumb drives.

Since this is a precon session (an additional charge on top of the normal PDC) the content was planned to be ONLY hardcopy and NOT made available to normal PDC attendees -but since there were some print errors Brian and Kimberly are going to put it on the their blog for 1 week.  While not there yet you can find their 208 slides at: