Five new media casts and i pick up a new sport (and break my nose)!

There are five new TechEd media casts available for the TechEd and i decided to pick up a sport -Underwater Hockey! (and did some cosmetic rearranging -see my personal blog for more information) 

  • Mobile Game - Calum Russell (.wmv, 2.5MB, 43sec) *NEW
  • Look Out! - Frank Arrigo (.wmv, 2.1MB, 36sec) *NEW
  • Visual Studio - Finula Crowe (.wmv, 2.4MB, 57sec) *NEW
  • My Sessions - Jeff Alexander (.wmv, 5.3MB, 1min 24sec) *NEW
  • Dean beats Frank - Frank Arrigo and Dean Loaney (.wmv, 1.7MB, 25sec)

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