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Content by Charles Sterling

The rules for the blue tooth car give away

The rules are still a work in progress but the competition for the cars will look something like this:

  1. Have ~6 cars per race of N laps (10?) running continuously while the expo hall is open.

  2. The cars will be driven with HP IPAQ and the Alive Software shown below (to keep experienced RC’ers at parity) 

  3. The winner of each of these races gets a tshirt, their name and their lap time recorded.

  4. At designated times (afternoon breaks?) have “winner” races and again record name and lap times

  5. Friday at 3:45 The six fastest races will get a car at the Mobile Industry Showcase and Remote Control Car Awards (abstract below)

  6. The winner or or a designated proxy with the winners badge must be present to win

Chris Auld mentioned my car break down equaled 8 not 6, the reason for this discrepancy is we have two for spares…and I am guessing we will need them<g>

Title Mobile Industry Showcase and Remote Control Car Awards”


 “Windows Mobile enables you to be as productive on the road as you are in the office and this presentation will show case some of the technologies that makes that statement a reality.  

The presentation will kick off with the creators of the remote control cars Alive Technologies discuss how they built these cars and how they use this technology in their own business for heart monitoring systems. The presentation will then role in to another health industry demonstration by the Developer lead of Autumncare software followed by the developer lead of McSoft and how they build Windows Mobile applications for the largest car manufactures on the planet followed by Calum Russell to show off the latest devices coming in the next quarter from HP, i-Mate and O2 and finally the awards of the Windows Mobile powered remote control cars, worth over $800 each, to the lucky racers with the top lap times!”