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Final TechEd Australia Agenda -190 Sessions!

Wednesday 31 August
7:30am Registration Opens
7.30am    8.30pm Hands On Labs Open Hours
7.30am    8.30pm CommNet Open Hours 
9.00am   10.00am Opening  Keynote
10.00am    9.30pm Exhibition 
10.00am    10.30am  Break
Architecture Desktop and Smart Client Database Administration  Developer Tools  Business Intelligence Messaging and Collaboration Security Windows Server and Management Solutions and Strategy Industry Showcase Cabana Room A Cabana Room B
10.30am 11.45am Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Internals: Architecture, Administration and Security Mleworth (early NZ) CLI301 Windows Forms: How to build Windows Forms Applications Today That Will Interoperate Well with Avalon – Tony Goodhew SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 1 (Design and Build)  Jeremy Boyd [jeremyb@intergen.co.nz]     Indigo Architecture Overview Ari Bixhorn (early to Aus) Analysis Server Cube Design in 2005- Best Practice for Performance and Functionality  Richard Lees MSG 201 Accessing Exchange Server from Your Mobile Device – Kristian Andaker SEC301 Authentication is strange – Paul Young SVR301 Active Directory Design and Deployment: Tales of the Unexpected – Dean Gardiner SOL201 Presenting to your customers with Live Meeting – Sandra Lee-Joe Scaling Exchange Server 2003 with EMC Take a look at the direction for the future of Hardware for dual core, virtualization and 64 bit with Industry leaders AMD Sharepoint Discussion John Hodgeson/Gayan Peiris
11.45am 11.55am Move btn sessions                      
11.55am 1.10pm Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Managing the Software Lifecycle with Visual Studio 2005 Team System Prashant/Mleworth (early NZ) CLI 302 Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle – Rick Samona SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 2 (Deploy and Operate)  Tony Bain   Future of games development with Microsoft XNA  Tony Goodhew What’s New in BizTalk Server 2006 Runtime Scott Woodgate PRT 301 SharePoint Products and Technologies: Issues and Problems Solved – John Hodgson SEC 302 Windows Mobile Platform Security Drilldown for the Enterprise – Roger Lawrence MGT301 Best Practices: Architecting and Deploying Systems Management Server 2003 SP1 – Dave Randall SOL202 Microsoft’s Information Worker Strategy – Office System 2003 and Office “12” – Miles Gustafsen Intel Multi Core Architecture and Threaded Programming Techniques  Exploring Virtual Earth with Dr Neil Demystifying Microsoft Licensing: including VSTS and Windows Vista
1.10pm 2.00pm Lunch and exhibition                      
2.00pm 3.15pm Building Smart Client Applications with .NET: The Future of Software Development -Tony Goodhew DSK301 Zero Touch Provisioning with the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment – Enterprise Edition – Dean Gardiner ASP.NET 2.0: Building Data-Driven Web Sites in ASP.NET 2.0 Bradley Millington  Programming Indigo Ari Bixhorn (early to Aus) Exploiting Data Mining in SQL Server 2005 Richard Lees MSG 302 Common Troubleshooting and Support Issues for Exchange Server 2003 – Justin Ryall SEC 403 Anatomy of a Network Hack: How to Get Your Network Hacked in 10 Easy Steps – Jesper Johansson SVR 302 Active Directory Recovery Planning – Chewy Chong SOL 203 Integrating Microsoft Business Solutions – Navision with Microsoft .Net – Patrice Dupont-Roc  Information Lifecycle Management with HP VSTS Security Discussion Rick Samona Discussion Hardware Evolution – Your Choices Today and in Longhorn – Nigel Page – Nigel Page
3.15pm 3.25pm Break                      
3.25pm 4.40pm Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Advanced Project Management and Reporting in Visual Studio 2005 Team System (including methodology) Prashant (early NZ) CLI303 Mobilizing your Smart Client PC Applications – Dr Neil Roodyn  Understanding Isolation in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Ron Talmage Building Secure Reliable Services with Indigo Mitch Denny Deploying and Managing a SQL Server Integration Services Implementation & Loading a Data Warehouse Using SQL Server Integration Services Peter Myers PRT 302 SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Best Practices for an Implementation – Gayan Peiris SEC 304 Best Practices for a Secure PKI Deployment – Jamie Sharp MGT 302 Windows Mobile Device Management for the Enterprise – Dave Randall SOL204 Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta: Integration Possibilities – Johnny Raadshøj  AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture: Providing a Scalable Platform for Microsoft SQL Server  Intel Discussion on 64-bit Databases for Enterprise Deployment BI Discussion
4.40pm 4.50pm Move btn sessions                      
4.50pm 6.05pm Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enabling Better Software through Better Testing Michael Leworthy What’s new in Visual Basic .Net for 2005 – Jay Roxe High Availability in SQL Server 2005 &  Scalability Strategies in SQL Server 2005 Ron Talmage  ASP.NET 2.0: Best Practices for Building Web Application User Interfaces with Master Pages, Site Navigation and Themes Bradley Millington  What’s new in Reporting Services 2005 + Developing Custom Report Items – Adam Cogan  MSG 303 Designing High Performance Exchange Server 2003 Storage Solutions – Michael Pryztula SEC 405 Is That App Really Safe? – Jesper Johansson SVR 303 Join the Dark Side:  Learn to script in only 60 minutes – Corey Hynes SOL205 Business Scorecard Manager: Business Intelligence powered by Office 2003 – Charles Russell Compuware: “Securing Applications in a .Net World” or ” Compuware showcases .NET Framework-Based Automated Lifecycle Solution” Expo Hall Closed Expo Hall Closed
6.30pm 8.30pm Net-Work evening
Thursday 1 September
7.30am Registration Opens
7.30am    7.00pm Hands On Labs Open Hours   
7.30am    7.00pm CommNet Open Hours 
9.30am    6.00pm Exhibition
9.00am 10.15am  Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What Scott Woodgate DSK302 Longhorn Fundamentals – Amy Stephan Together at Last: Combining XML and Relational Data in SQL Server 2005 Jeremy Boyd Security Made Easy With Visual Studio 2005!  Rick Samona SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: New functionality including ADOMD Thierry D’Hers  PRT 203 Introduction to Microsoft Project and the Enterprise Project Management solution – Penelope Lewin and David Wells SEC 306 Understanding and Fighting Malware: Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits – Jamie Sharp SVR 304 Admin Scripting: Windows Server 2003 R2 and Beyond – Mario D’Silva SOL206 Small Business Server 2003 SP1: Tips and Tricks – Dean Calvert  Microsoft* Database on 64-bit Intel Platform for Enterprise Deployment
Security Musings with Jesper and Steve Gaming with Microsoft Development Tools: Special Session developing atop Half-Life® 2’s Source Engine -Half Life Brian Keller & The Dystopia Team
10.15am 10.45am  Break                      
10.45am    12.00pm Smart Client and Microsoft Office: Solutions Architecture Chris Auld CLI 305What’s New with MapPoint Web Service – Bjorn Cronquist Be More Productive: A Guided Tour of the New Management Tools in SQL Server 2005 Michael Raheem CSI352  – What’s New for Web Services Developers in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0. Graham Elliot Introducing Microsoft CRM 3.0 – Bill Patterson PRT 304 Extending the EPM Platform through BI, Reporting, Collaboration, MS Office and Enterprise Systems – Penelope Lewin/David Wells SEC 307 Tracing User Activity on the Internet – Ashley Woodbridge MGT 303 Architecting and Deploying Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 – Chris Hallam Building your Broadband Network with Telstra Leading Edge Security in HP Mobile Solutions  BI futures chalk talk Thierry D’Hers Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects: Developing Service Oriented Systems Michael Leworthy
12.00pm 12.10pm Move btn sessions                      
12.10pm   1.25pm Visual Studio 2005 Team System : Team Edition for Software Architects Overview MIcheal Leworthy CLI306 Windows Forms: Real World ClickOnce – Jay Roxe Integrated Innovation: Using ADO.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 Greg Low   IIS 6.0 and Windows Server 2003: Web Serving Features and Capabilities Jorke Odolphi BizTalk Server 2006 Business Activity Monitoring Stephen Jeffries MSG 304 Outlook Anywhere Client Access to Exchange 2003 over the Internet – Kristian Andaker SEC 208 Debunking Security Myths – Jesper Johansson/Steve Riley MGT404 Troubleshooting SMS 2003 – Dean Gardiner SOL209 Web Platform of the Future:  An IIS 7.0 Overview -Ken Schaefer Take a look at the direction for the future of Hardware for dual core, virtualization and 64 bit with Industry leaders AMD Software Management by Quest Software Solving business problem with MDX (or how writing MDX made more efficient and powerful with AS2005). Thierry D’Hers
1.25pm   2.20pm Lunch & Exhibition time                      
2.20pm   3.35pm  Implementation of Common Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server Ulrich Roxburgh DSK303 Longhorn Client Security Advancements – Amy Stephan Real-Time BI with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Thierry D’Hers  Improved IIS Debugging: Understanding and Using and The Newest Tools and Theories for Debugging Web Applications Ken Schaefer Developing with the Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK – Bill Patterson MSG 305 Upgrading from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003 – Charlie Chung SEC 309 Architecting and Deploying Windows Update Services – Corey Hynes SVR305 How to Build a Self-Service Application Using Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS) – Chewy Chong SOL208 Microsoft Office Professional Solutions – Using Office as a client to business applications – Charles Russell Scaling on Windows 64-bit  with HP – Servers  Intel Discussion on the benefits of dual core hardware Database Discussion with Ron Talmage, Greg Low, Greg Linwood, Mark Morton etc
3.35pm 3.45pm Break                      
3.45pm    5.00pm Coding4Fun: Having fun with Visual Studio Express Brian Keller Advanced Visual Basic 2005 Jay Roxe Upgrade and Migration: Planning Considerations for SQL Server 2005 Michael Raheem  Backup and Recovery Strategies for SQL Server 2005 Ron Talmage SQL Server 2005: End-to-End Part 3 (Analyze and Act)  << Schedule as Session 3 after part 2 in the Data Track >> Thierry D’Hers  PRT 305 Developing Site Definitions and Templates for Windows SharePoint Services – John Hodgson SEC 310 Server and Domain Isolation: The Next Big Thing in Security and Infrastructure Integrity Assurance – Steve Riley SVR 206 Introduction to System Center Data Protection Server (DPS) – Raj Natarajan SOL210 Commerce Server 2006: Whats new? – Stephen Jeffries Quest Software: Active Directory Recovery: Understanding the process and how to be prepared for it.
User Groups – How to start etc Host Nick Randolph, Jeff Alexander and Andrew Coates Web Dev Discussion w/ Philip Beadle + Paul Glavich, Bradly Millington & Sam Spancer
5.00pm    5.10pm Move between sessions                      
5.10pm    6.25pm What Nobody Told You About Protecting SQL Server – Jesper Johansson CLI308 Building Enterprise Applications using InfoPath – Chris Vidotto/David Lemphers Understanding Index Usage and Indexing Best Practices in SQL Server 2005 Greg Linwood SQLCLR v T-SQL: Best Practices for Development in the Database  &  SQLCLR Internals: SQL Server 2005 as a CLR Runtime Host Greg Low Implementing a Rules Engine Solution Using BizTalk Server Scott Woodgate MSG 306 Monitoring Exchange Server with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 – Chris Hallam SEC 311 Securing SBS 2003 with SBS SP1 and ISA 2004 – Wayne Small SVR 307 Virtual Server 2005 SP1: Migrating Workloads – Peter Fitzsimon SOL211 Windows Server Roadmap – David Allinson SourceCode: Workflow and Business Process Management in a .NET World Microsoft CRM 3.0 Overview & Discussion Ross Dembecki, Mark Barrett &  Bill Patterson  Blogging with Betsy and Frank Arrigo
7:00pm   11.30am Tech.Ed Party
Friday 2 September
7.30am Registration Opens
7.30am    5.30pm Hands On Labs Open Hours 
7.30am    5.30pm CommNet Open Hours 
9.15am    4.30pm Exhibition
9.00am 10.15am When/where why smart client versus web/Smart Client Architecture Troy McGennis CLI309 Building Effective Enterprise Mobile Applications – Nick Randolph Project REAL and Tips for Migrating from SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services to SQL Server 2005 & Deploying, Managing and Securing Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005 Dan Weinstein  ASP.NET 2.0: A Look Inside Security, Membership, Role Management and Profiles in ASP.NET 2.0 A Sam Spencer Content Management Server: Accelerating Your Development and Deployment or Content Management Server: Building for the Future Angus Logan/Sarah Bond MSG 307 Exchange 2003: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts – Raj Natarajan SEC 312 Secure Remote Access – Steve Riley SVR 308 Terminal Server Performance and Security:Tuning, Methodologies and Windows Server 2003 x64 Impact – Amit Pawar SOL212 Integrating Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains with Microsoft .NET – Alan Cahill Micro Focus – Lift and Shift™ SQL and Office integration Thierry D’Hers Dynamic Systems Initiative: Whats that about? Rex Backman 
10.15am 10.45am Break                      
10.45am    12.00pm Next Generation Service-Oriented Architectures Ulrich Roxburgh CLI310 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Office System: Building Office Solutions Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office – Andrew Coates Architecting a Large Scale Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2005 Mark Morton  Visual Basic Tip Tricks and Other Advanced Topics Nick Randolph & Bill McCarthy    Connecting Web Services to Microsoft Office Applications: An Introduction to Information Bridge Framework Darren Niemke MSG 308 Migrating from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Collaboration Solutions – Charlie Chung SEC 213 – Internet Safety for Children – Jeff Alexander SVR 309 Building Branch Office DFS and FRS Replication using Windows Server 2003 R2 – Michael Kleef SOL 213 Improving Operational Efficiency with Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) – Gary Roos Quest Software: Understanding and Troubleshooting Group Policy Function  TechEd 2005 feedback and 2006 Focus Group Discussion how Telstra and Microsoft built a 20mb network for over 500 machines in under three days David Haysom
12.00pm 12.10pm Move btn sessions                      
12.10pm   1.25pm Development Methodology used by Microsoft Vajira Weerasekera DSK304 Utilizing Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 4.0 to Manage Application Compatibility on XPSP2 and Server SP1 – Corey Hynes  Introducing System.Transactions and New Features Nigel Watson ASP.NET 2.0: Web Parts with ASP.NET 2.0 & Advanced topics Sam Spencer Architecting Enterprise Integration Solutions using Host Integration Server 2006 Bill Karagounis PRT 306 Maximizing SAP with Microsoft Technologies – Stephen Jeffries SEC314 Running Windows with Least Privilege – Steve Riley SVR 310 Efficient Storage Management and Simple SAN Deployments with Windows Server 2003 R2 – Mario D’Silva SOL214 Microsoft’s Identity Management Strategy and Roadmap – David Allinson Scaling SQL Server 2005  with EMC Best Practices for Group Policy with Quest Software Web/Pod Casts- how to get started Michael Kleef & Betsy Aoki
1.25pm   2.20pm Lunch & Exhibition time Provisioning GPRS bandwidth for your Mobile devices by Telstra                    
2.20pm   3.35pm Building More Secure Applications Graham Elliot Gaming with Microsoft Development Tools: Special Session developing atop Half-Life® 2’s Source Engine  – The Dystopia Team & Brian Keller SQL Server 2005 Table and Index Partitioning: Improving Scalability and Manageability for Large Databases  danny tambs   Visual C# Under the Covers: An In-Depth Look at C# 2.0 Mitch Denny Business Performance Management on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform Grant Paisley MSG 209 Exchange 2003: SP2 and the road ahead – Raj Natarajan SEC315 Windows Server 2003 SP1: Best Practises for hardening and lessons learned – Michael Kleef SVR 311 Active Directory Federation Services Architecture Drilldown – Nigel Page SOL 215 What is Windows XP Embedded all about? – Don Kerr Protecting Active Directory with Operational Change Control with NetIQ Expo Hall Closed Expo Hall Closed
3.35pm 3.45pm Move btn sessions                      
3.45pm 5.00pm Wheel Reuse: The Microsoft Enterprise Library Nigel Watson/ Martin Granell CLI 312 InfoPath: Developing Forms Using Managed Code – Dan Green Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server 2005 <<Combined with>> Get More from Your Oracle Data with SQL Server 2005  Jason Buck .NET Framework: What’s New in the Framework for V2.0 Paul Glavich and Dave Glover Ad Hoc Reporting with Report Builder: Extending the Capabilities of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services David Lean MSG310 Live Communications Platform: Architecting, Deploying and Building Custom Solutions – Sandra Lee-Joe/Brendan Carius SEC316 Migrating from SUS to WSUS – Jeff Alexander/Scott Korman SVR 312 Migrating Unix workloads to Windows Server 2003. Why and how – Chris Green  SOL216 RMS SP1: Implementing Privacy Solutions – Roger Lawrence Mobile Industry Showcase and Remote Control Car Awards  Expo Hall Closed Expo Hall Closed