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Thanks to the folks that helped out with Compat Labs

Big Thanks to all the developers and companies that participated in the Compatibility labs i ran last week!

Pretty amazing we migrated 20 applications with more than 10 million lines of code and still ran into less than 15 new problems -and none of these issues stopped the apps from running.  Hopefully we can get all of them fixed for V 2.0! 

The picture below is of the “Big Boy” from the tour, an application from EDI with over 4.5 million lines of code and 100,000 unit tests!

(The books they are holding are two very worn copies CLR and C# ECMA references)

Of course you don’t need the redmond guys to do this yourself as all the steps they went through are well documented



Kit and Matt looking pretty fresh for 7:00am following 16 hour work day and a bout at the local watering hole “El Rancho” with the Sydney User group….