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Content by Charles Sterling

Getting VSTS Team Builds to Work on the Customer Ready Beta 2 VPC


By default in Beta2 of team system if you try to create a new team build you get the error:

Microsoft Visual Studio
No workspace exists for the given Team Project
The Hands On Lab documentation indicates you should be able to go to Tools>Options>Source Control to set a workspace but this dialog is empty in Beta 2.

So i have included the direction below for getting this too work!

Good Luck



  1. Create a Team Project to host the team build (For the sake of these directions I will call it “Generic_Project”
  2. Create a solution(like a Distributed Systems Solution with Windows projects/web sites etc in it)  Put this solution into a directory like c:\generic_project\Sales_software (directory is important)
  3. Add>Create a test project for this solution. (so you can run these tests in the build)
  4. Check the solution into source control
  5. Create a workspace for the team project using the H.exe command “h workspace /s:vstsatdtms /new team_proj_work”

    1. Change the repository folder to the team project source control branch ie $\generic_project
    2. Change the local folder into a peer directory of the solution (so something like c:\generic_project\project) – I create this directory while in the create workspace utility.

  6. Now right clicking on the builds in the team project explorer will let you create a new build with out error…If anybody has problems with that drop me an email