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Teched Sessions Take two

After going through 500+ sessions, 100+ emails, 20+ conference calls, 8+ hours of meetings Michael Kleefe and I have the next round of the Teched sessions for your comments and information





Take an architectural approach to enterprise-class software intensive systems using Microsoft technology.  This year the the architecture TechEd track will be highlighting Connected Systems Infrastructure.  Connected Systems are becoming pervasive as a result of current economic and technological drivers for companies to be more agile, drive down costs, and integrate heterogeneous, globally dispersed systems. New applications no longer live in single process or machine silos. Applications need to be designed to be a part of a connected network of services to build systems that span multiple machines and reach beyond corporate firewalls. Also, in order to increase an organization’s agility when responding to market and changing strategic requirements, the information flow between services that carry out these business operations must be streamlined.


Developer Tools 


Take your software development skills to the next level with deep technical training that covers the best of Visual Studio .NET 2003 and .NET Framework 1.1, while preparing you for the future with Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0. Sessions cover language enhancements, web development with ASP.NET, IDE productivity features, Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server, and more. Get in-depth information on building mission-critical software using Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J#. Acquire skills that will make an immediate impact, while learning what you need to be ready for Visual Studio 2005.

Database Administration & Development
This track will have content for both the developer and administrator. For the developer,get up to speed on the powerful new developer features in SQL Server 2005, including many new and updated services that go beyond the traditional database features and can significantly enhance developer productivity. For the administrator learn how to get the most from SQL Server 2000 today and discover how, with SQL Server 2005, you can deliver breakthrough performance, securely, and reliably with the most powerful and productive suite of tools to manage SQL Server across your enterprise.


Business Intelligence and Applications Track


Learn how to easily integrate, manage, analyze and report on all of your corporate data, using Windows Server System and SQL Server 2005. Find out how to combine Windows Server System with Microsoft Office System to use turn key business applications and build powerful business intelligence solutions quickly and easily.




Protect your business with information from the experts on architecting and managing an effective defense-in-depth strategy. Learn about the latest security features in Windows Server System and how to design and deploy a secure integrated infrastructure. Understand how to implement enterprise firewall security without compromising performance; deploy a Microsoft Windows public key infrastructure and use patch management, secure remote access and networking; and drill-downs on the latest security tools and technologies. Key products covered include, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server, ISA 2004, Rights Management, SQL Server, and Microsoft mobile technologies. Learn about guidance and tools that enable you to assess your network and customize your security solution.


Windows Server and Management track  


Although the acquisition cost of hardware and software continues to decline, increasingly distributed environments have driven up the cost of IT operations. Microsoft is striving to dramatically reduce these costs by driving the Dynamic Systems Initiative, building manageability into Windows Server System technologies, The Dynamic Systems Initiative enables knowledge of an IT system to be created, modified, transferred, and maintained throughout the life cycle of that system. Learn how Microsoft can help you increase your operational efficiency today with Windows Server System technologies such as Microsoft Operations Manager, Systems Management Server, System Center, Virtual Server, and how these will evolve in the future.


Business Intelligence and Applications Track

Get best practices for managing and monitoring your messaging environment. Find out how you can verify the overall health of your Exchange Server messaging environment by using the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool and Microsoft Operations Manager 2005. Learn about the latest enhancements included in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and get a look into the future for Exchange. Learn and explore high availability through clustering and design. Also see how Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 enables secure, instant messaging and how to integrate real-time communication and presence into your business applications. Discover how to leverage Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server to interact effectively with your line-of-business applications like SAP; learn best practices for deploying, managing, aggregating, and searching Windows SharePoint Services sites– and how these products, along with other Microsoft Office System products and technologies like Microsoft Office Project Server help you create highly scalable portal and collaboration solutions to meet your business and technical needs. Developers and IT professionals alike will see how to build custom, robust collaboration solutions and easily manage them.


Desktop, Smart Clients and Mobile track 


Learn the latest techniques for designing, developing, and deploying the next generation of smart client applications. Get in-depth information on building rich, responsive, and compelling smart client solutions using Windows Forms, Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, the .NET Compact Framework and the latest development techniques using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. Also get a sneak peak of smart client development on the next-generation platform for Windows client applications, code-named “Avalon.” Also find out about how the latest Windows Client technologies accelerate your desktop development efforts, and get tips and tricks for easier implementations. Get real-world guidance from our industry experts via sessions that span client-side development, Windows XP Service Pack 2, deployment technologies, Application Compatibility Toolkits and much more.