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Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What

Title: Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What

Abstract: In this session, multiple key representatives of the various product groups explain the sweet spots for each of these technologies and how they fit together to provide customers on the Microsoft platform with the richest set of integration capabilities. They compare and contrast the various solutions Microsoft provides for integration and messaging (BizTalk, SQL Integrated Services, SQL Service Broker, Indigo, System.Net, System.Messaging, Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting, ASP.NET Web Services, and WSE) on how these technologies are related, how they differ, and what guidelines customers can use to choose the right one. Get clear and simple guidance you can use to make these choices, and learn the tradeoffs the guidance embodies: ease-of-use, manageability, architectural features, performance, etc.

Australian Speaker: Ulrich Roxburgh

New Zealand Speaker: Ulrich Roxburgh

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