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Indigo Architecture Overview

Title: Indigo Architecture Overview

Abstract: (real abstract pending) Web services walk with a slew of acronyms, specifications, and new vocabulary that can make ones head spin. Regardless of whether you are a Web, Client, Office, VB, or C# developer, this new wave of technology is a must-have in your toolset. This session takes a step back and helps you decipher the core concepts behind Web Services Architecture and how these technologies empower you to build Connected Systems. Walk away from this session with a clear understanding of the Web services protocols and Microsoft’s plans for implementation with special emphasis on Indigo and future directions.

Australian Speaker: Ari Bixhorn (early to Aus)

New Zealand Speaker: Ari Bixhorn (early to Aus)

Speaker Bio: Ari Bixhorn is the Lead Product Manager of Web Services Strategy in the Developer and Platform Division at Microsoft Corp.  He is responsible for product planning and technical evangelism for Microsoft’s Web services offerings, including “Indigo” and Web Services Enhancements (WSE).  Bixhorn has spent the past five years at Microsoft, driving product management efforts for Visual Basic and Visual Studio. He is a frequent speaker on Microsoft’s developer tools offerings and Web services strategy. Before joining Microsoft, Bixhorn worked at British Telecommunications plc (BT), developing and supporting business-to-business electronic commerce solutions.