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Dealing with Data in Service Oriented Architectures

Title: Dealing with Data in Service Oriented Architectures


Abstract:  This session looks at the challenges of dealing with data in service-oriented architectures – if you have heard the terms Entity Aggregation or Enterprise Information Integration or Master Data Management and are looking for guidance and best practices, then this is the session for you. We address what it means for Services to share Schema; and discuss best practices and industry standards relating to schema rationalization and schema evolution. We look at the business driver of creating the ‘Single view of the Customer’ and then work our way into best practices and patterns on aggregating and harmonizing data and Entities. We also discuss some anti-patterns relating to dealing with Data and drill-down into real-world case studies as we navigate the issues.


Australian Speaker: Nigel Watson

New Zealand Speaker: Nigel Watson

Speaker Bio: Friend of Chuck’s!