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Backup and Recovery Strategies for SQL Server 2005

Title:  Backup and Recovery Strategies for SQL Server 2005

Abstract: SQL Server 2005 offers an extended feature set for data availability, backup and recovery. For VLDB systems, these new features can offer minimal impact to production data availability even in the event of disk failure or human error. Come to this session to see how VLDB strategies, which include partitioning, can offer more options to keep your database online, as well as offer fast recovery times. Key features covered are: Table/Index Partitioning targeted Backup/Restore, online recovery and Database Snapshots. In this session, a damaged partitioned database that remains available even through catastrophic disk failure as well as demo recovery of the database while still online. Finally, we talk about how database snapshots work, suggesting how to use the feature to offer easier and faster recovery paths in the event of human error. Attend this session to learn how to keep your VLDB more available and minimize data loss!

Australian Speaker: Ron Talmage

New Zealand Speaker: Ron Talmage

Speaker Bio Ron Talmage is a co-founder and principal mentor with Solid Quality Learning. He has over 20 years experience in the IT world, and 8 years with SQL Server. Ron has been providing mentoring, teaching, and conference presentations on SQL Server for the past six years. He is a SQL Server MVP, current president of the Pacific Northwest SQL Server Users Group, and the new contributing editor of PASS Info Link