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Architecture Track

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Architecture Track:

Take an architectural approach to enterprise-class software intensive systems using Microsoft technology.  This year the the architecture TechEd track will be highlighting Connected Systems Infrastructure.  Connected Systems are becoming pervasive as a result of current economic and technological drivers for companies to be more agile, drive down costs, and integrate heterogeneous, globally dispersed systems. New applications no longer live in single process or machine silos. Applications need to be designed to be a part of a connected network of services to build systems that span multiple machines and reach beyond corporate firewalls. Also, in order to increase an organization’s agility when responding to market and changing strategic requirements, the information flow between services that carry out these business operations must be streamlined.


  1. Next Generation Service-Oriented Architectures
  2. Delivering Services Oriented Architectures for Distributed Host Systems
  3. Smart Client and Microsoft Office: Solutions Architecture
  4. Dealing with Data in Service Oriented Architectures
  5. Visual Studio 2005 Team System : Team Edition for Software Architects Overview
  6. Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects: Developing Service Oriented Systems
  7. Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Internals: Architecture, Administration and Security
  8. Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Advanced Project Management and Reporting in Visual Studio 2005 Team System (including methodology)
  9. Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enabling Better Software Through Better Testing (including build)
  10. Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Managing the Software Lifecycle with Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  11. Indigo Architecture Overview
  12. Programming Indigo
  13. Building Secure Web Services using Indigo
  14. When/where why smart client versus web/Smart Client Architecture
  15. Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What
  16. Implementation of Common Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server