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James Cook University Townsville March 23rd

James Cook University has asked me to do a lecture on .NET while in town. The lecture will be in HB321, top floor Humanities II Building from 10am to noon on 23 March, 2005.   I will talk to Julian Biddle (Senior Architect at Technology One) to see what he would suggest I show them to give them some ground work for StudentOne but as it currently stands I had plan on spending a lot of time on managed code and ramifications of the .Net Framework and just a little bit of time on VS2005…probably showing things like “OneClick” deployment.  (Abstract below)

If you would like to sit in please contact Geoff Duce geoff.duce@jcu.edu.au


Introduction .Net and VS 2005

After 4 years and its 2nd release there is still confusion about what is Microsoft .NET and what it offers developers. In this presentation Charles Sterling, Developer Evangelist from Microsoft, will walk through the architectural concepts that make up the .NET Framework including some of the core technologies like Web Services, ADO.NET and ASP.NET.  Charles will then look at a few of the New Productivity enhancements offered in the next release of Visual Studio 2005.