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Code Camp goes down under and Joel Pobar to visit Australia!

Ever want to pitch a tent with Andrew? Throw back a beer with Chuck (okay not that unusual an experience), argue the purity of conversions with Greg or discuss the internal workings of the common language runtime with one Redmond’s top .NET Framwork experts Joel then be sure to attend the MSDN Code Camp.
This sure to be a one of kind experience is scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of April at Charles Sturt University – Wagga Wagga Campus. You can download an ICS file here to mark it in your calendar.

For information about speakers, registration details and other logistical info please see http://www.codecampoz.com. Since this is a community event, if you are interested in presenting or helping out please shoot Mitch an e-mail at mitch.denny@notgartner.com.

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