TechEd Keynote Speaker -who do YOU want?

We are going through the list of potential TechEd keynote speakers and would like to include you folks to see who you would like:

Some Suggestions thus far:

  1. Don Box
  2. Paris Hilton - Not if i have anything to do with it! 
  3. Dr Harry Shum
  4. Helen Clark
  5. Afterburners
  6. 10 back to back Demo's of what is new/upcoming

Your Suggestions to date:

  1. Scott Gutherie = 3 votes
  2. Mr Balmer = 2 votes
  3. Gene Kranz 
  4. Rob Caron
  5. Soma
  6. Ian Schubach
  7. Herb Sutter
  8. Iain McDonald
  9. Karl Kruszelnicki
  10. Paul Levinson
  11. Don Watson
  12. Will Anderson



Comments (18)

  1. How about Don with Paris?

    I am sure he won’t mind..


  2. Would this be Don speaking in or out of his bath tub? (Or is an upgrade to a shower in the plans?)

    Personally, snagging someone like Gene Kranz (former Apollo Mission Control Commander) to talk about his passion for excellence in engineering would be a kick! (Hand out copies of his book, "Failure Is Not An Option!" as swag on the way out of the keynote…)

  3. Isn’t it time for Mr Balmer to come and visit australia? 🙂

    ‘aussie developers! aussie developers! aussie developers!’

    A big part of this year for developers will be the team system stuff. Rob Caron? Or just finally getting whidbey is big – Soma?

    Eh, i don’t know 🙂

  4. My suggestions in no particular order :

    – Scott Guthrie

    – Someone who played a large part in a Tsunami relief effort. I know MS was preparing a "Victims Status" type site so perhaps someone from there or even someone non technical.

  5. I think Steve would pass out if he had to yell ‘Aussie’ + ‘Developers’ 37 times 🙂

    (he looked close to passing out the first time)

    Don did say he wanted to do a presentation in his birthday suit… could this be the one?

  6. Herb Sutter, the C++ team is doing some amazing stuff …

  7. What else is an ASP.NET MVP gunna say… ScottGu of course!


  8. I’m still voting for Paris!

  9. Scoble? Me? If you want someone to podcast from the event, drop me a line. 🙂

  10. —–Original Message—–

    From: Ken Schaefer []

    Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 8:46 PM

    To: Charles Sterling

    Subject: TechEd Keynotes

    TechEd Keynote speaker suggestions (in no particular order). I tried to pick a few different types of people since I’m not sure what the effect you’re trying to achieve is – I still don’t get entirely what the guy who spoke about the sea was trying to get across last year 🙂 There are in addition to the ones you already have:

    1) Charles Sterling – I hear that he’s an OK sort of guy 🙂 (Ed’s note, i paid him to write that!)

    2) Steve "Developers, Developers, Developers" Ballmer – he’s always good value

    3) Karl Kruszelnicki – science commentator, author, etc

    4) Paul Levinson – author of "the Soft Edge" (which I think is a fantastic book on Information Technology, from the early alphabet through photo, radio, TV and the Internet), and Wired writer.

    5) Don Watson – one time political speech writer, author etc

    6) Will Anderson or Dave Hughes – comedians from Glasshouse (and other shows)



  11. If we could get Herb Sutter here I’d be a happy man. But then I’m a C++ geek. Don Box would also be great as would Scott Guthrie or Soma.



  12. ——————————————————————————–

    From: Adam Cogan []

    Sent: Tuesday, 1 February 2005 9:00 AM

    To: Charles Sterling

    Cc: Andrew Coates (SYDNEY)

    Subject: Keynote


    This guy would be interesting for your keynote


    Adam Cogan

    SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia

    Phone: +612 9953 3000 Mobile: 04 1985 1995

    Superior Software for Windows Building better Microsoft solutions in ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server, Exchange and MS Access

    Do you follow naming conventions for your Boolean Property?

    SSW Code Auditor – Utility to Automate your Code Reviews

  13. What about getting someone who has seen the changes and caused some of them?

    Charles Petzold is a god to many Windows developers and is still writing on Windows development. Steve McConnell has had a big impact on the way software gets written.

    Dave Platt is a brilliant speaker, with lots of interesting stories.

    Ron Jeffries has seen a few interesting things and is still spreading good ideas!

    Jim McCarthy is a good speaker and looks at the world in interesting ways.

    Paul Yao wrote the first book on Windows Programming (yes before Petzold) and is still at it.

    You want more suggestions?

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