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The ASP.NET Team needs your feedback on Masterpage Templates

Good Friend Brian Goldfarb is specing out the templates and the Masterpage samples you would like to see shipped with ASP.NET 2.0
So if you have an opinion and want it heard please post to his blog at:

I myself admit I love Master Pages & won’t do an ASP.NET 2.0 presentation that doesn’t start with a master page and navigation so the idea of having canned templates is awesome but  i am concerned Masterpages won’t get the appropriate use as there is no way of using masterpages in existing pages -applying a Masterpage to an existing page breaks it. So rather than a canned template or static samples I would like to see a wizard that gives you a couple options/steps ala publisher such as:
Step 1.  Choose a table Layout -and where the custom content placeholder goes.
Step 2. Choose a Color Scheme
Step 3. What functionality would you like implemented, such as login/security, navigation, personalization etc.
Step 4. Would you like graphics added…If so add that to the page (low priority)
Step 5. Performs the necessary magic to retrofit that page to the new Masterpage.
He  had to ask what i wanted!
If you too have a miracle Brian can perform -or just feeling lonely – be sure to visit his blog: