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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Mitigating the largest threat: Culture

Session Title: Mitigating the largest threat: Culture

Session Level: 300 Session

Abstract: What do the most secure companies, large or small, have in common.  It’s not what you would think.  Process, policy, procedure, technology.  While important, these defenses can almost always be defeated by your greatest enemy, your users.  How do you mitigate user actions?  How do you change user behavior such that users become something that defends you, rather than something that you defend against?  In this session, learn techniques you can actually reproduce at your own office which can change the way users respond to the threats they know, and the threats they don’t.

 Speaker: Corey Hynes


Above was a session submission for Teched New Zealand/Australia 2005 if you are interested in the other submissions or other details please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx