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Teched 2005 Session Submissions Updated

Teched Australia 2005 will run August 31-Sept 2nd on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. 

& New Zealand while not officially announced will run Mon 29th – Wed 31st and likely be in Auckland 

The tracks will be the same for both Australia and New Zealand and as the content owner for both events I am suggesting we go with the following 8 tracks:

   1 Security
   2 Server & Mgmt Infrastructure
   3 Messaging & Collab (inclusive of Portals)
   4 Data
   5 Developer Tools
   6 Smart Client & Inclusive of Mobile
   7 Business Applications & Business Intelligence
   8 Architecture

For 2005 I would like the TechEd Session Selection criteria much more a community driven process and will create a separate blog entry for each potential session and link those blog entries to this article so you can find, comment, suggest alterations etc.


  1.  Mobilizing your Smart Client Applications
  2.  Enterprise Resource Management with Active Directory
  3.  Building Multi-threaded Mobile Applications
  4.  Smart Hosting for Smart Client Applications
  5.  Advanced Smart Client Deployment
  6.  Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers
  7.  Microsoft Command Shell (or .NET Eye for the Sys Admin Guy)
  8.  Mainframe Integration for Developers with Host Integration Server 2004
  9.  A SQL Server DBA’s Guide To The .NET Framework and CLR Integration
  10. Avalon Presentation Framework for Windows Forms Developers
  11.  Advanced IIS Troublehooting/Debugging.
  12.  Building Effective Enterprise Mobile Applications
  13.  Understanding the Exchange Store
  14. Securing the small network using ISA 2004 and Windows 2003
  15. Supporting East Asian Languages in Global Exchange Deployments
  16. Microsoft Business Intelligence – What will my user see?
  17. Analysis Server Cube Design – Best Practice
  18. BI Portal – Getting BI to the masses
  19. Upgrading to SQL Sever 2005
  20. Internal Architecture of SQL 2005
  21. What SQL Server 2005 has to offer for VLDB environments
  22. Vulnerability Scanning and Service Reduction
  23. Authentication is strange
  24. Mitigating the largest threat: Culture
  25. Live Windows Sharepoint Services Deployment
  26. Real World Deployments: Deploying Windows Update Services
  27. Solving problems and saving money using Virtual PC and Virtual Server