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Content by Charles Sterling

Australia Day BBQ at Chuck’s House! (Gold Coast)

Being true blue Australians and now proud Queenslander i thought what better way to celebrate Australia Day than a big barbeque! I haven’t set the menu yet but a WHOLE LOT of beer, BBQed dead animal flesh. Chips and Sangria for those of us more in touch with our feminine side seems like a good start…Maybe even convince my wife to make some her famous Apple and Pumpkin Pie (no that’s not a typo)…and maybe JUST maybe I will break down and make my world renowned Chili!

Of course children, partners, wives, boy toys, girlfriends, attractive friendly livestock etc are invited – BUT Please RSVP if you are going to come.

I will send out the Address directions etc to the first ~20 or so folks -Limited as I REALLY don’t need any more attention from the local law enforcement and i have already invited 50 folks!


PS Fair warning we have two dogs and a four year old in case you are afraid/allergic…