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[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Upgrading to SQL Sever 2005

Session Title:   Upgrading to SQL Sever 2005

Abstract:   Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 is more than just running some automated process. Session will look at the upgrade process. But major focus will be on how you examining how you might want to redesign you databases (with what if any impact) to take advantage of the new features of SQL 2005 including schemas, security, partitioned views, filegroups, indexes/statistics. The focus will be on taking advantage of these new features with a minimal or even no impact on your existing databases. (This could potentially be a 2-Part Session, with the first concentrating on the upgrade process, things to watch out for, best practises, etc and the 2nd one more of the re-design/taking advantage of new features, remodelling security, etc) Microsoft did not release any official MOC on the upgrade process/bast practices with going from 7.0 to 2000 and I believe this sort of session would be invaluable to the SQL Community


Speaker:  Victor         Isakov

Level: 400